Monday, January 22, 2018

So, I'm Modding This Kickstarter (sort of)

Once again my Google+ feeds came through for me.  I saw a link to the CharacTable Kickstarter for these really nice wooden lap boards with slots and bins and docking for all your stuff, particularly if you don't sit at a table during play.  I love the idea and they really look sharp.  However, the larger models (there are four) are designed with upright docking for a slim tablet.  Alas, my primary GMing tool at the table is a chunky old notebook which can't possibly use the dock.

So, I decided to seize the excuse opportunity to do something crafty and make my own custom lap board out of posterboard, based around accommodation for my chunky notebook.  In addition to a pit for the notebook, I wanted 1) a pit for my mobile phone, because I have a stylus and use a note-taking app for "scratch paper" during play, 2) a slot for pens, stylus, etc, and 3) a dice rolling pit.  I usually line up my dice pool in the hinge of the notebook (as shown) to save space on the table, so I won't need to include a separate space for them here.  I laid out the items on a big pad of graph paper and drew around them.  The notebook needed an open space on the left for the fan port and a long slot down the right for the power cord.  For the phone and pen slots I left finger openings on the edges to make it easier to lift them out. 

Here's my mock-up layout on the graph paper.  I plan to make the outer edges and interior walls 0.5" (12.5mm) thick to account for the strength of the posterboard, both during construction and in regular use.

Tomorrow I'll stop at the art store and get some poster board!

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