Thursday, July 26, 2012

Where are all the Pathfinder blogs?

Okay, so I've been looking around more and more for interesting RPG related blogs to follow, particularly with an eye to finding ones related to Pathfinder (my current game system), but finding almost nothing.  The vast majority seem to fall into three main categories:

- Diehard D&D 4E fandom
- Diehard "old school rules" (OSR) D&D hobbyists
- generic/homebrew offerings

So where are all the Pathfinder blogs?  From what I've been reading Pathfinder is neck-and-neck with 4E (if not slightly in the lead) for sales.  Logically, then, there should be roughly as many Pathfinder oriented blogs out there as 4E blogs.   Granted the 4E community probably feels somewhat embattled, caught in a crossfire from the Pathfinder fans one the one side and the OSR otaku on the other.  Thus they may feel more of a need to grab the 4E banner and wave it from the ramparts to keep up morale.  And the OSR fanboys/fangirls are fired up by the thrill of particpating in a semi-undergound movement to overthrow the entrenched power that be.  But I would expect that the huge wave of enthusiasm for Pathfinder would produce another set of blogsters eager to share their joys and ideas with the world.  Are they all just hanging out on the Paizo message boards?  Does anyone have a list of Pathfinder-oriented (or at least Pathfinder-friendly) blogs available?

That said, I have actually started to question whether I want to use Pathfinder/3.x as my system of choice.  I love the detail, love the classes, love the massive quantity of support materials, etc.  However, I find that nowadays my brain is really too full to properly absorb all the full crunchy bits necessary to master the system.  Hence my recent interest in Old School Hack and an on-going (or should I say, neverending) search for the perfect set of game rules.  Recent reviews of Marvel Heroic Roleplaying mention some cool interactive GM--player mechanics, but I'd have to adapt them to swords and sorcery gaming.

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