Wednesday, July 29, 2015

FFTA School Hack - The White Monk Class

Okay, so I just thought I'd throw out an Old School Hack version of one of my favorite jobs (classes) from Final Fantasy Tactics Advance: the White Monk.  In FFTA this class can only be taken by Bangaa race characters but this one is non-specific.

White Monk

- A White Monk is a martial artist specializing in using holy chakra energies to vanquish evil and heal the suffering.  Their style has a focus on hand techniques using different styles of clawed gloves.

Classic Weapon: clawed gloves (many types available).

Whirlwind/focus-encounter: gathering momentum with bold spinning movements you strike all enemies around you; allows the monk to make one attack against up to four adjacent enemies, but with -1 to each attack after the first.

Air Render/focus: you project a bolt of chakra energy at one creature up to 30 feet away; allows you to make a normal attack as a ranged attack instead; clawed gloves must be worn as a focus.

Earth Render/encounter-focus: you channel chakra into the earth to activate elemental Earth energy; blasts Earth and chakra energy up from the ground in a 30 foot long patch out from the monk; each creature on that path must pass an Awareness check or suffer 1 wound; clawed gloves must be worn as a focus.

Far Fist/rested-focus: a variant of the Air Render technique which causes a blast of chakra energy at 20 to 30 feet from the monk, injuring all those within a 10 foot radius; each creature in the blast radius is allowed an Awareness check to avoid injury; clawed gloves must be worn as a focus.

Holy Chakra Sign/rested-focus: by summoning your chakra energies and projecting them into a wounded or suffering creature you heal them of 1 wound and all diseases and temporary ailments (such a blindness, paralysis, etc.) no matter the source.

Exorcise/encounter-focus: striking a special holy stance you project your holy chakra energy outward, driving back undead; undead within 20 feet must pass a Commitment check or flee, not returning for 24  hours.
Clawed Gloves
The clawed gloves used by the White Monks come in a variety of styles and constructions.  They have claws, blades, and plates to protect the monk's hands and inflict greater damage.  Clawed gloves come in lighter leather types (counting as Light Weapons) and heavy metal gauntlet types (counting as Heavy Weapons).

Saturday, July 25, 2015

OMG, More Neo School Hack Stuff! The Knight

Okay, so I promised (well, not actually promised) that I was coming to the end of my Old School Hack/Neo School Hack design binge.  I mean, I can actually stop any time I want to--but just not yet.  So here's another class:

The Knight

- A knight is an aristocrat born and bred to be a warrior.  They are sent from home at an early age to be a squire at an allied household and train and learn the craft of war.  It is their way of life

Classic Weapon: Lance

Surely You Joust/constant: the Knight's favorite activity is jousting; you get +1 to attacks with a lance while riding a mount and +1 AC against jousting attacks while riding a mount.

Sword & Board/constant: the Knight's second favorite activity is melee combat with a shield and a one-handed weapon; in each combat round the Knight may choose to emphasize the weapon (+1 to hit) or the shield (+1 to AC).

Heraldry/constant: growing up in chivalric social circles a Knight learns to recognize heraldric coats of arms and similar devices; +2 to Awareness checks to know who a particular sign belongs to and a little bit about their background; the player also gets to design their own unique coat of arms for their family.

Under Armor/constant: the training of a Knight includes wearing armor and exercising in it constantly; you have the special encumbrance capacity of one extra Heavy Thing for the purpose of wearing armor or carrying a shield.

Courtly Love/focus-rested: a Knight is a lover as well as a fighter; +2 to attributes to romance the apple of your eye.

Falconry/focus: Knights love to go hunting when not jousting or romancing, especially the high class and expensive method using trained falcons; +2 to any attribute roll involving falconry; and you get one trained falcon and a basic set of gear (such as a glove, hood, lure, etc.) [Falcon: AC-10, 1 HP, 1 x 2d10 attack (claws) for 1 wound]

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Reaper Miniatures Bones 3: I'm In!

Okay, so Reaper Miniatures is running their third "Bones" Kickstarter offering a huge set of miniatures.  I was hesitant to join the first one as it seemed over-ambitious despite the massive response.  I joined the second one, adding several extra optional sets to the large core set.  It took quite a while to receive my shipment because the early shipping waves booked up early.  When my package arrived, however, I was quite pleased with the minis in every way.  So I jumped in on this one--but once again I'm in a later shipping wave (circa September 2016) due to massive response.  At the time I pledged there were already over 8,000 backers and over $836,000 on the site.  All the optional rewards are unlocked so the core set will be quite a plump morsel.

As an aside, I'm thinking that these Kickstarters must be huge windfalls for a small company like Reaper.  I certainly hope they spread that around by handing out some bonuses to all the employees.  When I get a bonus at work I like to give everyone in the family a share of it for random spending cash.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Criminey, more art.

Okay, so after months of sketching, looking for inspiration, and some desultory roughing out in pencil I finally put some paint on the dang canvas.  Yes, it's just slapping on some background but it's the principal of the thing.  The long white bits on the left will eventually be bamboo--haven't decided about any leafy bits yet--and the blank bit on the right will have my favorite Chinese chengyu phrase in gold.  The orange origami paper is just there to help with visualization, but I kind of like they way it looks anyway.