Sunday, September 9, 2012

Secret Santicore -- I'm in!

Okay, so over at the Giblet Blizzard blog ("Giblet Blizzard"?  Yes, I'm not making stuff up this time) they are doing the second (?) iteration of a project called Secret Santicore (see details at  The previous version is available free at the blog site.  It's full of all kinds of way cool RPG material, my favorite being the puzzles you can print out and try to solve.  I signed up to contribute, but am a little worried.  The format is that you toss in a topic you'd like to see something on, then each person gets someone else's topic to work on (which is where the "secret santa" tie-in comes from).  I should be able to handle most design challenges on the level of the previous Secret Santicore.  Check it out!

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