Sunday, February 17, 2013

Urbancrawl Rules for Slacker DMs: Chinese Takeout (in Color)

Okay, so about a month ago (yes, it really was that long) I did a post where I was taking off on a concept by Zak S. over at "Playing D&D With Pornstars" of using the words ONE through TEN to make up the streets of a city.  A quick d10 roll can quickly tell you which area of the city something is in (anyway see the original post for details).  I did a quick black and white mock-up then of how the Chinese characters for 1 through 10 would look.  Now here is the mock-up with a bit of tracing paper over it, with the characters extended here and there to make a street grid and then colored.

That's more connected like a street grid, but with some interesting extra bits, such as square streets which don't connect.  I think the next step will be to sketch in a city wall and/or water's edge to frame it up.

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