Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Journal of Katherine, Entry 33

 Katherine continues her recollections of the events earlier recounted by The Amazing Trevor, adding her own sensibilities to the narrative...

Entry 33

Where to begin?  We had a skirmish today with some brigands.  Fizzleboom saw one traveler and he remembered the traveler as a murderer.  Not a moment later Trevor noticed another man and also remembered him as a murderer, and they were traveling together with six others.  As our party passed theirs, it got silent - too silent.  I hailed out to them, asking where they come from.  They attacked us right then. Before I could say another word, Trevor made an illusion of color, which dropped two of them.  Kulr picked one up and killed him.  Brute killed the leader with his first shot, and Onri grappled another.  Then Fizzle Boom dropped two more, with an illusion.  The one woman left standing, turned and fled.

The events that unfolded next were must horrifying.  Brute went on a killing rampage of the remaining brigands, one he struck his axe that severed the head from his body.  Kulr started squeezing another brigand, I was not sure if he was trying to get information from him, or was he just enjoying the act. The brigand was so scared.  Then I turn my head, so I would not to see what Kulr did next.  But the sounds of bones and flesh tearing, I could not turn away from - they were so sickening.  And the smell of... I felt vomit in my throat.  My knees almost gave way.  I felt a wave of heat.  I dove deep inside myself to find the courage to bear this.  I wanted to leave - be far away from this scene.  I might have said something, but I cannot remember.  I've heard from my training, that after the battles are over, the losers are "finished" like this.  No one really talks about the details.  They just experience it.  That is a grim task.  Not for me.  Could we handle this another way?

I focused on the wagon; after all, this was the wagon that identified them as brigands.  It was full of items; some were from the inn where we stopped the half ogre.  This meant the inn keeper most likely perished, possibly by these brigands.  The gnome Fizzle Boom made off with something magical, for I saw him slip it from the wagon, and he had an item glowing when I called forth to my deity to reveal magic items - he carried it.  There was also magical studded leather.  Brute used it.  Even though those two half men in the group were efficient at their killing, my deity worked its healing through me to them, for without even thinking, I took my hands and sang of healing.  Bluish light shown under my hands, and closed the wounds of Brute.  I did the same for Kulr.  There was one left alive, and I persuaded to have Trevor pass judgment, so if the killing had to continue, it would be justified, and sort of lawful.  The sentence was swift.  All brigands were found guilty of theft and murder.  This last one was executed.  All of the bodies were stacked like boards in a ditch.  I think of their parents, to know that their own children died like this.  Then I think of my own parents, if I had died at the hands of these murderers: my mother already dead, and my father, he has forgotten me.

We continued with the journey to the crossroads.  We decided to empty the cart and continue north.  After a while we made camp.  And I write in my journal about this group, I continue: So far, they have been good people: they defended the noble from the ogre, and let it go, because of witchcraft.  They showed kindness to the refugees and to Broderick.  But now, with their barbaric actions and blood lust, what will happen next?  Am I any different with the deceptions I caused in my past, compared to Brute's and Kulr's barbaric ways?  I must pray for guidance.

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