Wednesday, February 26, 2014

First Game with Skype

Okay, so I have actually been doing stuff and so it's about time I did a post or two.  Monday night we finally got back in the saddle for another ripping episode of our Castles & Crusades game, The Adventures of the Amazing Trevor and Some Other People.  I'll have the write-up along in a bit but first I want to talk about our experience using Skype.  One of our esteemed members (hi, Dan!) lives farther away than most and so last night we decided to try having him join us via the Internet (invented, as you know, by DARPA so that even after a massive nuclear war people everywhere would still be able to share cat videos).  So Mike brought a handy little tablet and we dialed up Dan (and his bird).  We didn't get video going but Dan was able to participate by voice pretty well.  The only drawback was that we couldn't turn the volume up very high and so he was a bit hard to hear sometimes.  Overall I'd chalk it up as a success.

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