Sunday, April 20, 2014

Review: Mistwyck and Woodmuir maps by Owlbear Maps

Okay, so I really like isometric view maps.  It is a much more natural representation which enables you to immediately grasp the layout of a place.  Top-down or plan style maps usually take a little bit of study to make sure one fully understands all the details.  There aren't a lot of isometric maps available out there but I just bought the Mistwyck and Woodmuir isometric map pdfs from Owlbear Maps off Drivethrurpg.

Mystwick (detail)

Both are simple town maps, Mystwick being a tiny village and Woodmuir a larger settlement with a log palisade around it.  The art style reminds me of the Asterix comic books, which I particularly like.  Both maps are in black and white, which is fine, although at first glance you get the impression that they are winter scenes.  The pdfs have an overview of the entire map, then pages with sections to print out and put together; the larger sections come in versions with and without a light blue isometric grid.  There is also a legend for each map with a bit of info on selected locations.

The reason I bought these two maps is as starting locations for games.  A while back I came up with the idea of having all the characters be from the same village and each player gets to pick the building in the town where the character lives.  It provides a fun bit of engagement right at the start.  Both these maps will work great for small starting towns for my games.

Bottom Line: I think both maps are great!

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