Wednesday, September 30, 2015

There and Back Again: Maryland RennFest 2015

Yup, I love going to the Maryland Renaissance Festival.  I've gone almost every year since it opened.  Over the years they've added to it judiciously, presenting more while maintaining a reasonably intimate feel and keeping it well shaded with trees for those hot summer weekends.

More recently I've planned my visits there around the appearances of...wait for it...The Mediaeval Baebes!  A truly excellent group from the UK, they do primarily mediaeval/renaissance themed music.

And yes, I did the whole fanboy (I prefer the sobriquet "Patron of the Arts") thing--bought the new t-shirt and new album.  I mean, I had to buy the new CD--otherwise I wouldn't have all their albums, now would I?

The falconry demonstration was thrilling (although I was thinking it would be even cooler if they did it with giant bats):

But alas, there was no sign of the furries who were all over the place last year.

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