Monday, October 19, 2015

Back from TridentCon!

Okay, so when I say "back from TridentCon" it sounds like I just finished an epic road trip or something.  Actually it means I pretty much drove like two streets over.  Anyway, it was a great little convention.  Due to scheduling constraints I could only attend the 1:30 and 6:00pm slots on Saturday but I got into two very nice events.  The DMs were friendly, patient, and well-prepared.  My fellow players were all great.  Come to think of it, it was better in every way than the last con I attended--nice job Erik!

1:30pm: Break!  DM: Reynaldo Madrinan.  I've been following Rey's website and blog for a while now, vicariously participating in the development of the anime-inspired Break! RPG.  Thus I was quite excited to see that he'd be here in person to run a session of the game for us.  There were five of us playing and Rey recorded the audio of the session for Grey Wiz, the artist who is collaborating with Rey on the game.  The plot involved our group of adventurers being hired to solve mysterious thefts of components from a huge magitech battle mecha slowly under construction in the town of Sprocket.  Not surprisingly, there was a lot more going on in the little town and the surrounding area.  My fellow players were great and we all had fun.

6:00pm: Pathfinder Adventure Card Game.  DM: Eddie Guida.  I play the Pathfinder RPG a lot with my current group but I'd never played the new card game.  To prep I watched several review/how-to videos on YouTube and it seemed to share the characteristics of the RPG: simple mechanics with loads of modifiers on top.  One of the reviews called it "the game Talisman wanted to be".  That caught my attention because I used to play Talisman a lot; it had a lot of potential but just took way too dang long to play.  It's a well-constructed game and I think the cards could be used to run a tabletop "Pathfinder lite" RPG (hmm?).

And there were some dealer tables. I love dealer tables--and it's a rule that you may not leave a con without buying at least one thing.  I bought two, with the CthulhuTech book completing my collection for this cool game:

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