Sunday, March 20, 2016

Might try a digital card game to see if I could make a tabletop game...

Okay, so at the last Tridentcon I got the chance to try the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game.  Our group plays Pathfinder as our primary go-to rules for fantasy RPGing so I was interested to see how they'd made a card game of it.  Now let me state up front that I'm not a card game player.  I play RPGs over all other types of games for the group camaraderie and because GMing is a great creative outlet.  But the new PACG seemed popular with the card gamers so I figured it must have something going for it, which why I signed up for it at Tridentcon.

I found the game to be beautifully produced and well structured but not as "fun" as our usual Pathfinder games.  Nevertheless as I played I was wondering if the rules could be applied to tabletop play, a sort of "Pathfinder Lite: same great taste, less rules bloat".  I thought I might deconstruct the rules and put up a homebrew hack.  But the base sets are US$45 to $60 which is more than I want to spend just to test out a theory.

But Obsidian Entertainment and Paizo earlier partnered up to do a digital version, playable on iPad and Android tablets--and it's scheduled to come out at the end of this month!  If it's well under $40 and will play on something I own I'll get it and see if the rules can be hacked for use at the table.

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