Thursday, April 14, 2016

So, you can use miniatures in Roll20...sort of.

Okay, so the DM of our game on Roll20, the redoubtable Mr. Kirk, generously bought some miniatures to be our characters a little while back.  But not long after we started doing sessions on Roll20.  Roll20 uses small portraits/icons to show the positions of characters, monsters, and anything else you might want to move around during a session.  We had been using a mix of images found on the Intertubez and some Order of the Stick style portraits I did a couple months back.  However there were complaints from persons who do not need to be named--but their initials are "Kaiser"--about how top-down images would look better on the maps.  Apparently my crappy little portraits just weren't cutting it.


Be that way.

No, I'm okay...I just got something in my eye, that's all.

Anyway, Kirk recently got all the miniatures primed, took overhead photos of them, and put them into Roll20 to play around with (although my Sanjay image, showing I'm logged in, at the bottom has defaulted to the first image I ever loaded in Roll20).

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