Saturday, October 1, 2016

Braille Dice from Kickstarter! (rather disappointing, actually)

Okay, so I backed an interesting Kickstarter for braille RPG dice a little while ago.  I was intrigued because I hadn't really thought about how a sight impaired person would play tabletop RPGs, given that at a minimum you need to read your character sheet and die roll results.  Even as a sighted person I often have to squint to make out the tiny numbers on my dice (yes, even with my bifocals, thanks for asking).  Producing play aids to bring people into the game is a great idea so I jumped into the project for one set of polyhedral dice.  I also got a free dice bag because the first goal unlocked.

I was excited when the dice finally arrived...then quite disappointed.  I'd read a couple postings from the project about poor quality dice which the project owners promised to replace.  I expected the dice to have a relatively rough finish due to the 3D printing process but it was a little rougher than I expected.  In addition, they decided to print the dice in two halves and glue them together by hand.  I'm not sure why they opted for a manufacturing process requiring the extra step of hand assembly instead of just printing the whole die as one--which I take to be to be a strong feature of 3D printing as a process.  The join line always went through at least one face of the die and usually ruined part of the braille dots.  The set I received would definitely need careful cleaning up with a small craft knife, rebuilding of some of the dots, and re-carving of a couple of the regular numbers.

Here are some photos of the set I got:

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  1. Those look terrible. I would not be pleased to order such dice let alone be a supporter of a Kickstarter. Looks like they failed at their mission statement.