Saturday, December 29, 2018

Totally Stereotypical Bard Instruments for D&D Races

At the last gathering of our merry band of gamers there were some jocular comments about various instruments likely to be used by bards of particular races.  I dredged those ideas back up just recently and decided to do a quick posting on what instruments seem to me to fit with some of the main D&D races. There are three instruments for each so you can roll 1d6 if you need a random result, plus combine that with a 1d6 roll for race if you need a really randomized bard.

  1. Human           1-2/guitar; 3-4/lute; 5-6/fiddle
  2. Dwarf             1-2/bagpipe; 3-4/tuba; 5-6/trombone
  3. Elf                   1-2/harp; 3-4/flute; 5-6/recorder
  4. Halfling          1-2/accordion; 3-4/tambourine; 5-6/hurdy-gurdy
  5. Gnome            1-2/handbells; 3-4/xylophone; 5-6/hammered dulcimer
  6. Half-orc          1-2/bass drum; 3-4/digeridoo; 5-6/bongos

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