Monday, June 10, 2019

Here's What Your Barbarian Bard Plays: Mongolian Folk Metal

No, seriously. Mongolian folk metal. It's an actual thing. I totally promise I'm not making things up this time. 

 Shoog Shoog by The HU

So to start at the beginning: I recently read about a Mongolian folk metal band called The HU from an article in the South China Morning Post.  That was too intriguing to not check out...and it was totally awesome. Alas they only had two songs available on iTunes (both of which I basically immediately purchased).  Then I spotted a third song on YouTube yesterday, entitled "Shoog Shoog", and the video was totally awesome.  The music, imagery, and lyrics are just perfect for ancestors of the Great Khan.

But more than awesome music, it is perfect mood food for your more gonzo fantasy gaming "barbarian" peoples.

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