Monday, January 22, 2024


 Okay, so it's been....almost four years since my last post (*gasp*) but for many reasons I've decided to re-activate The DM from Outremer. I have quite a few activities and ideas to talk about and will be posting as I get things written up. I aim to definitely have a serious post at least once every two weeks, possibly weekly, and with shorter posts tossed in as they happen.

Topics on the drawing board include:

  • A new painting I want to show off.
  • A dungeon module I am finishing the writing for, and a sneak peek of the art which I commissioned from the very talented Lost Acumen.
  • An adventure module using the brilliant structure of the Gardens of Ynn.
  • A Warhammer 40K/Zootopia mashup game I'm running using the Tiny D6 rules.
  • A write up of the first scenario of Into The Odd I ran for my gamers.
  • Story gist of the first couple sessions of the one major campaign I'm running, called Fel Fang Forest, using the D&D 5E rules.
  • Discussion of the perhaps greatly underestimated Tiny D6 system, which our group is using for several games.
  • A synopsis of the campaign (The Slayers) my friend Steve is running for us, using the Pathfinder 1E rules
  • Reviews of several Kickstarters I've backed, to include The Cloud Empress, The Electrum Archive, Wildsea, Book of Ebon Tides, Gwelf: Into the Hinterlands, and Mythic Bastionland.
  • Discussion of running the very complex but fascinating games Blades in the Dark, Band of Blades, and Wicked Ones, but using using Tiny D6 or other simple rules as the core.
  • A review and some thoughts on my experiences using D&D Beyond, and comparing it to Roll20, and just using Zoom.

...and more.

Apologies for taking so long but I'm back now.

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