Monday, February 2, 2015

The Journal of Katherine, Entry 61

I rested, but did not sleep.  Deep inside me, the Light is strong and I feel It renews my energies. 

Today, we return to the palace, and the captain of the guard tells us the Kalif left yesterday.  This is not correct.  He is lying.  We avoid a major confrontation, so we leave the palace grounds.  Brute tells me there are guards loyal to the Kalif, and other guards, rougher, that seem to take their orders from the captain.  Brute wants to meet the loyal guards where they can speak freely.

We wait until evening and go to the tavern, as Brute must meet with the guards. Trevor wants to celebrate.  He did provide the invisibility for us all to escape without being noticed.  As Brute starts talking to the guards, Trevor orders a fine wine where the barkeeper must fetch it from the back room.  A few coins transfer hands, and Trevor takes a sip from his glass.  I turn away from that scene of smugness to focus on the meeting.  There is smoke in the air, and a strange smell.  Then I begin to relax.  I don't hear much from Brute's talk with the guards, but I am in awe.  Brute has a natural way to converse with these guards.  It is effortless.

Then my mind returns to the orphanage.  We see Cass, bloody and hurt.  She explains that one of the three prisoners left.  She tried to restrain him and was hurt.  Ohm Uri runs towards the palace hoping to catch him.  We gather our selves for another night to slip into the palace.

We catch up to Ohm Uri, who found the man, dead on the ground.  This is just strange.  Maybe the palace guards found and killed him.

We quickly enter by the servant's gate, and make our way, with Cass' help, to find the Kalif.  When we find him he is in a charm, the same charm as the other man.  Then, he speaks.  The words do not come from him, but we hear his words in our heads...

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