Monday, May 11, 2015

Neo School Hack: The Paladin

Right, so here's my paladin class for Neo School Hack, which is my version of Old School Hack by Kirin Robinson.  The basic template for classes is six talents unique to that class.  However, I have already experimented with variations on that base and this class has a new variation.  The paladin has five regular talents, plus a special talent containing a set of three thematic sub-talents called "Devotion".  The Devotion talent may only taken once and one of the three talents contained in it must be chosen at that time.  Once chosen it may not be changed--unless the character has a compelling in-character reason and even then must complete an appropriate quest worked out with the DM.

The Paladin

Detect Evil/focus-encounter: concentrating, the paladin listens to the surrounding auras and will sense any evil creatures in a 90-degree area out to 30 feet.

Lay on Hands/focus-rested: pausing to pray and gather holy energy, the paladin lays a hand on an injured person and heals them of 1 wound.

Sacred Immunity/constant: filled with holy essence, the paladin is immune to all diseases, normal or magical.

Aura of Courage/focus-encounter: the paladin's inner resolve makes fear impossible, not matter what the circumstances; and with a declaration of holy purpose, all companions and allies within 15 feet are emboldened, gaining +2 to any rolls against fear.

Glow/focus-encounter: pausing to pray and express inner holy essence, the paladin glows with a golden light like a divine torch.

- Divine Avenger/focus-encounter: channeling holy energy into a held weapon, the paladin gains +1 to hit and +1 wound of damage to attacks against evil creatures.

- Divine Protector/focus-encounter: channeling holy energy into a held shield, the paladin gains +2 AC and +2 to saves when attacked by evil creatures.

- Divine Knight/focus-rested: the paladin gains a loyal, divine riding creature which is much more intelligent than ordinary ones of its type.  It can be called with a special prayer; once called it remains until dismissed to return to the heavens.  The mount is saddled and armored, with AC = 14, HP = 3, with an appropriate one 2d10 attack (with Face Dice) doing 1 wound.

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