Friday, June 26, 2015

Neo School Hack - The Witch Class (updated)

Okay, so in my buddy Steve's Pathfinder game I'm playing a witch.  Early on in my work on making new classes for Old School Hack I considered doing a witch.  Eventually I decided to stay with just the Wizard as the only arcane magic class.  I figured on maybe doing a grimoire of witchy spells which you could use to make a witch-flavored wizard.

But whatever--I totally changed my mind and so here's a proper witch class for my Neo School Hack rules.

The Witch

Classic Weapon: broom (or wand)

- A witch is the student or apostle of a strange, mysterious entity who grants magical powers (and sometimes cats) in return for attention, tea, and occasional live sacrifices.  Witches may learn spells from spell grimoires in the same manner as Wizards do.

Swept Away/rested: hopping astride a broom you fly up into the air and quickly away; you can fly for one hour per point of Commitment bonus (but a minimum of one hour)

Bubbling Cauldron/focus-rested: from a small cauldron full of weird ingredients bubbling over a fire you can draw off one potion or handful of dust containing any spell you know; a person hit with the dust or ingesting the potion is affected by the contained spell.

Hex/focus-encounter: with a creepy cackle you hex a creature with black magic; creatures are allowed a Commitment save, otherwise they will suffer -4 to all rolls for 24 hours; may be cast in reverse to remove the hex; hexes may be placed on objects so that anyone touching them is hexed.

Frog!/focus-encounter: you turn a living creature into a frog (or a newt); the victim gets a Commitment save or will remain a frog for 24 hours; may be cast in reverse to un-frog the person; this spell can also be broken by the kiss of a princess.

Black Cat Familiar/constant: you have a magical intelligent black cat as your constant, devoted companion; it can talk and with a moment of concentration you can see and hear what it sees and hears (and vice versa); AC-14, 1 HP.

Lovely Complexion, Dearie/constant: your skin becomes infused with arcane weirding and permanently turns green; only magical spells can conceal it; all Charm rolls are at -2 but you permanently gain one of two boons: +2 to Commitment saves vs. magic cast on you OR victims of your magic are -2 on Commitment saves vs. your spells.

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