Saturday, June 6, 2015

Cult of the Octomom

Okay, so I had the opportunity to play Old School Hack again today--plus the opportunity to meet a couple members of our "rival" Castles & Crusades group.  Our DM Bill has been running two groups through his C&C campaign and this was the first time I've met the mystery players from the other group.  They'd also played Old School Hack not too long ago using my "Long Ride to a Short Death" scenario.  This time it was OSH again with Bill downloading a scenario from the esteemed Fictive Fantasies site.  Three of the players from the previous game continued with their characters but two of us started with new characters.  In my case I decided to try the paladin which I'd designed earlier as a playtest.

Since this was a silly game I decided my paladin worshiped an octopus deity--or, wait, no an ocean mother sea goddess with an octopus as symbol.  And for corresponding personality I decided he was a surfer dude type (buff, tan, long bleach-blond hair, Hawaiian print tunic, flip-flop sandals, and a classic surfer dude accent).  His primary equipment included a trident, surf board, and coconut tanning oil.  Hmm, but what was he doing in the middle of the desert?  Well obviously he was a missionary bringing the worship of the Octomom to the heathen masses far from the sea!  So tonight I thought I'd throw together some details for others wishing to follow the most excellent and totally gnarly path of the Octomom.

Cult Holy Symbol: octopus wearing a crown and holding up a fish, a trident, a ship, a seashell, seaweed, a branch of coral, an oar, and an anchor.

Cult Goal: to truly know what is tubular and what is bogus and help everyone to surf the gnarly wave of tubular while steering clear of a bogus wipe-out.  Also, stay tan (easier for some followers than others).

Cult Favored Weapons: trident, oar, and harpoon

Holy Water: sacred coconut tanning oil

Cult Battlecry: Surfs up!!!

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