Saturday, July 25, 2015

OMG, More Neo School Hack Stuff! The Knight

Okay, so I promised (well, not actually promised) that I was coming to the end of my Old School Hack/Neo School Hack design binge.  I mean, I can actually stop any time I want to--but just not yet.  So here's another class:

The Knight

- A knight is an aristocrat born and bred to be a warrior.  They are sent from home at an early age to be a squire at an allied household and train and learn the craft of war.  It is their way of life

Classic Weapon: Lance

Surely You Joust/constant: the Knight's favorite activity is jousting; you get +1 to attacks with a lance while riding a mount and +1 AC against jousting attacks while riding a mount.

Sword & Board/constant: the Knight's second favorite activity is melee combat with a shield and a one-handed weapon; in each combat round the Knight may choose to emphasize the weapon (+1 to hit) or the shield (+1 to AC).

Heraldry/constant: growing up in chivalric social circles a Knight learns to recognize heraldric coats of arms and similar devices; +2 to Awareness checks to know who a particular sign belongs to and a little bit about their background; the player also gets to design their own unique coat of arms for their family.

Under Armor/constant: the training of a Knight includes wearing armor and exercising in it constantly; you have the special encumbrance capacity of one extra Heavy Thing for the purpose of wearing armor or carrying a shield.

Courtly Love/focus-rested: a Knight is a lover as well as a fighter; +2 to attributes to romance the apple of your eye.

Falconry/focus: Knights love to go hunting when not jousting or romancing, especially the high class and expensive method using trained falcons; +2 to any attribute roll involving falconry; and you get one trained falcon and a basic set of gear (such as a glove, hood, lure, etc.) [Falcon: AC-10, 1 HP, 1 x 2d10 attack (claws) for 1 wound]

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