Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Another run with Roll20 last night

Okay, so for our Monday night game (actually on Tuesday this week), which we're calling "The Acadamae", we'd discussed moving online--at least occasionally.  So with the possibility of a lot of ice on the roads from the recent snow storm we figured this was as good a time as any to give it a try.  Our GM, Kirk, had already set up a Roll20 account for the game and the rest of us were already in for another game being built by our buddy Bill (also a player in Kirk's game).  However, Kirk hadn't time to put much of the way of maps or stuff into it and we wanted to compare it with Google Hangouts anyway.

After trying Hangouts we decided that Roll20 worked fine and we all moved there.  Overall it went well.  At first I had to exit Firefox and download Chrome to run Roll20 smoothly but that only took a minute or two.  I was able to easily transcribe a lot of my character info into my Roll20 character sheet from Hero Lab while we played and immediately begin using it for skill checks, etc.  I used the on-screen 3D dice roller (with the final modified results showing in the chat bar on the right) because I thought it was fun but the rest of the group wasn't so into that feature.

I successfully loaded an image to use as a character portrait but it wouldn't display at the bottom with the others for some reason and in the chat window it kept using a mini version of the old one I made for Bill's game.  Actually three of the avatars displayed were holdovers of the Order of the Stick style ones I made for Bill's Game.  Mike loaded new a cool one which matched his character nicely but there was only a generic for Talla.  I might make more OotS style portraits for the characters in this game.  They're fun to draw.

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