Saturday, February 13, 2016

Trying podcasts again...this time successfully

Okay, so the first couple times I tried a gaming podcast I thought they were terrible.  They all seemed to be a random bunch of dudes (always an all-male group) rambling about random crap.  There was a lot of chuckling over in-jokes which only meant anything to them, references to people only they knew, etc.  I was totally put off and moved on to other things.  More recently I decided to look into podcasts again as something to listen to while I work out.  I was fortunate to give Play on Target and Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff a try.

Both of these productions are packed with goodness.  Play on Target episodes typically center around a main theme for discussion, such as running long campaigns.  Ken and Robin cover multiple topics, moving between "huts" (topical areas) over the course of the broadcast.  Ken and Robin also toss in an advertisement or two (done by the two gentlemen themselves in typical fashion) for products they are involved in.  Both are free from the websites or from iTunes to check them out!

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