Sunday, June 9, 2013

Almost Done: My Major Art Project

Okay, so this isn't really related to roleplay gaming, but it is medieval-ish.  Several years ago I went with the family on a trip to southern Germany for a Girl Scout conference.  While there we made a side trip to see the famous gothic revival Neuschwanstein castle.  The interior was a fabulous masterpiece of the decorative arts.  After I got back I decided that I was going to re-create a bit of that at my "castle".  While in the home supply store one day I noticed some moldings with the egg-and-dart motif.  The half-covered "eggs" looked just like shields--and I decided then and there that I was going to do a project of painting detailed heraldric coats of arms on the eggs and adding a lot of gold for extra effect.  I'm finally done with the main painting on the shields and the gold edging (and yes it took forever).  I still have the final fine detailing to do on a lot of the shields but here's a sample of what they all look like now:

Next up is a large Chinese-themed painting, but I need to finish this project to make room to work on it.

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