Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Dragonkin Races (a fantasy race build for Pathfinder)

Okay, so for my new campaign world I am positing that when the world was created it was given five elemental poles (corresponding to the five Chinese elements of wood, fire, earth, metal, and water) to hold it together amidst the natural elemental chaos around it. A divine guardian dragon was created to protect and defend each pole.  Over time several generations of dragon-kind were created, finally resulting in the dragonkin (like D&D's dragonborn).  Since Pathfinder doesn't have D&D's dragonborn race I went ahead and built the race using the Advanced Race Guide. Note that the colors of each elemental sub-races are drawn from the colors corresponding to the relevant element; they are not necessarily the same as the chromatic dragon types in D&D.

 Dragonkin (10 RP)
Type: Humanoid [0 RP]
Size: Medium [0 RP]
Base Speed: 30' (normal) [0 RP]
Ability Score Modifiers: [0 RP; standard]
  • +2 Strength
  • +2 Constitution
  • -2 Intelligence
Languages: [0 RP; standard] Common plus the corresponding draconic
Racial Traits:
  • Advanced Strength: +2 Strength [4 RP]
  • Elemental Affinity [1 RP]
  • Energy Resistance (5) [1 RP] (see below for specific energy type for each dragonkin sub-race)
  • Natural Armor: +1 to AC [2 RP]
  • Bite [1 RP]
  • Low-Light Vision [1RP]

Green Dragonkin (Wood): Energy Resistance 5 (sonic)

Red Dragonkin (Fire): Energy Resistance 5 (fire)

Yellow Dragonkin (Earth): Energy Resistance 5 (acid)

White Dragonkin (Metal): Energy Resistance 5 (lightning)

Black Dragonkin (Water): Energy Resistance 5 (cold)

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