Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Pony-induced Paralysis!

Okay, so the Ponies for Pathfinder Setting Book kickstarter project continues to gallop along.  The little project is now up to $10,000.  They're continuously adding stretch goals, the latest being the zebra and a nice map.  No grass growing under their hooves!  One thing which I am particularly pleased to see is that they are soliciting a lot of input from the backers via online polls.  For me one thing which makes a kickstarter project attractive is the amount of input solicited from backers.  This project is also very good so far at keeping us backers informed with frequent updates (as is the 6d6 kickstarter which I'm also backing, BTW).  And one of the latest items which they are polling is what the final name should be.  It's now down to either Ponyfinder or Heroes & Hooves.  Arrgh, I just can't decide!  Ponyfinder ties it in very nicely with it being a Pathfinder oriented publication.  However they recently added D&D 4E stat blocks as one of the stretch goals (already met), and so Heroes & Hooves takes the name to a more general vibe as D&Ding with ponies.

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