Monday, June 16, 2014

The Journal of Katherine, Entry 52

My day starts in the usual way, by doing my chores at the usual time.  However, today, I notice something strange with the others here.  Before, they were cherry and outgoing, but now, when I approach, they become quiet - more to themselves.  I suspect rumors of my past has reached them.  But I can hope for the better.

Later in the morning, early for one that enjoys his rest that is, I see one of my friends: Trevor.  A welcomed face to rest my eyes on, far from the suffering of the injured.  My spirit is renewed with energy.  I see him when I am about to talk to my superior about this item, and Trevor invites himself, despite my pleading that he not go.  He insists.  I am in a small room with the two people I never want to meet: my superior, one to look up to for guidance towards matters involving honesty, morality, justice and charity, and Trevor, the one that awoke my forgotten sorcery power and just about the opposite of my superior.  Let me rephrase that.  ... and Trevor, the exact opposite of my superior.

I tell of the dinner, of the request, and how we dealt with the witch and other members of the council, but sticking to the facts.  I leave nothing out, except details about the total amount, and any part with Trevor, unless questions are asked.  There are none.

I also add that I dreamt of it.  Trevor adds that he too has a dream of it, only the item oozed blood.  My superior says that I should go find this item, as a form of atonement.  When I ask of aid from the temple, my superior informs me that because others here do not trust me, they will not go.  I protest.  I only do actions that have a benefit for the Light.  Trevor also protests.  He should be spared this detail of my life.  The decision is made.

I make one more request of a different matter:  have Trevor become a member and true follower of the Light.  At this request, my superior is grateful as followers are always welcome.  I bite my lip hoping that Trevor behaves.  In a short ceremony, it is done.  I almost spontaneously radiate light for I am so happy.  I muster my training to contain the swelling of emotions.  I look down.  I find myself  hiding a reserved smile.  Yes!

After we leave, I am truly grateful of Trevor for his decision.  Then I state that I must try to retrieve the item.  I tell him I want to meet Kalef again.  Trevor is surprised about this, but I have a plan.  Since the decision is to go, we make our way to the market to resupply, specifically things for adventuring to a desert.  Once finished, we start towards the palace, but we happen to find a merchant selling jewelry.  

I stop.  In a flash, my head wonders to years ago, when I would have had a girl's fantasy of trying the items.  More recently, my life was dark, and I could barely find food.  Now, I have plenty of extra coins even after my tithe.  With the fist full of coins, I enter the store.  Now, I can enhance my priestly aura with a silver tiara and simple bracelets.  Trevor, seizing on the moment, points out a gem filled necklace, possibly emeralds, to match my hazel eyes and to my surprise, buys all of these for me, before I could deny his doing.

We have our meeting with the once ruler.  I try to scout his intentions, but he is vague.  I initially state that I accept, but I cannot give him a guarantee.  If I find the item and it is cursed or worse, my beliefs will not allow me to give it to him.  Then Trevor wants more time to decide and he agrees to give an answer in two days.  We take our leave.

We gather at the mansion and prepare to leave through the mirror to the desert.  Brute is his usual sure self.  Kull has a sled packed with items.  He hoists the stuff up the narrow, spiral stairs.  The bumps and noises he makes leave scratches on the walls.  Trevor is here too, ready.  Like expeditions that I read about, I feel a sense of amazement of the unknown, to survive with only our wits.  Once through the portal, we have only a short way to travel to the city of Andough.  I look at everyone, and notice Ohm Uri is not here.  What could he be doing this night?  Earlier this day, I asked if he would go. Without hesitation he replied yes.  We must wait till his return.  

Finally he returns, but he is not his usual self.  We decide to rest before we go.  

I look again at Ohm Uri.  My second view of him reveals something more.  A sight I have not seen in years.  One that my father would wear after being out.  I know the signs.  Ohm Uri has this same look now, one of a conquest victorious.  My intuition tells me it is a woman of power, but who?

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