Thursday, June 5, 2014

Neo School Hack: Gods & Goddesses of Anubia

Okay, so it's been a while since I posted but I've been working on a huge chunk of stuff for my Egyptian-themed Old School Hack game.  I decided I needed a name for the new campaign and I'm leaning towards "Anubia".  It's based on my favorite Egyptian god Anubis, but made to sound more like a country.  So for now that's my working title.

Now, a campaign world needs deities and the original gods and goddesses of ancient Egypt are the obvious starting point here.  The creative people over at Paizo just did a set of twenty for their Mummy's Mask adventure path so I thought I'd use that list as a jumping off point.  After going through them and adding and subtracting a few I ended up with 14, which should be plenty.  (Eventually I'd like to do sets of "foreign" gods from the ancient Babylonian, Greek, and Hindu cultures.)  For Neo School Hack I'm giving each deity a set of six unique "domain spell" talents (like in D&D 3E and Pathfinder).  These will give the clerics of each one a strong flavor, while stacking with the six generic cleric talents.  I haven't worked out the details of each of the talents but I did at least decide on the set of six for each deity and whether each was continuous, encounter, etc.

Each god and goddess has certain symbols but there are also universal holy symbols.  The Was Sceptre (or Staff) is the symbol of ruling or command; a cleric brandishing one gets to add +1 to any roll based on Charm.  The Ankh is the symbol of life; a cleric brandishing one gets to add +1 to any roll based on Commitment or increase the effects of any healing spell by +1 HP.  The Sistrum is the symbol of music and merriment; a cleric playing one gets to add +1 to any roll influencing positive emotions; some talents may provide for a bonus if a sistrum is played.

Neo School Hack - Gods & Goddesses of Anubia

Symbol: cat, sistrum
- Purr Charm/focus
- Summon Celestial Lioness/focus-rested
- Remove Disease/focus-encounter
- Exorcism/focus-encounter
- Scary Hiss/focus
- Prowl/continuous

Symbol: cow, sistrum
- Create Holy Milk/focus-rested
- Joy Dance/focus
- Horns of Goring/focus
- Create Cloud/focus-rested
- So Hawt/focus-rested
- Hew Tunnel/focus-rested

Symbol: falcon, wedjat eye
- Sunlight/focus-rested
- Moonlight/focus-rested
- Headlight Eyes/continuous
- Wedjat Eye (Protection vs. Evil)/focus-encounter
- Wings/focus-rested
- Command/focus-encounter

Symbol: ostrich feather
- Truth Spell/focus-encounter
- Soul Balance (determine alignment)/focus
- Summer Heat/focus-rested
- Winter Frost/focus-rested
- Spring Showers/focus-rested
- Autumn Winds/focus-rested

Symbol: throne, sun disk with cow's horns
- Charm Person/focus
- Resurrection/rested-focus
- Healing Zone/rested-focus
- Plant Growth/focus
- Kite (bird) Transform/rested-focus
- <pick one Wizard spell>

Symbol: flail
- Command Mummy/focus-rested
- Mummify/focus-rested
- Necroshield/focus
- Sanctified Repose/focus
- Soul Speaker/constant
- Summon Anubi Angel/focus-rested

Symbol: snake
- Chaos Shadow (darkness and confusion)/focus-encounter
- Dragon Speak/constant
- Chaos Fang/focus-rested
- Blindness/focus-rested
- Hypnotize/focus-encounter
- Eclipse/focus-rested

Symbol: sun disk
- Noon Sun/focus-rested
- Solar Disk (halo)/focus-encounter
- Summon Falcon/focus-rested
- Falcon Sight/continuous
- Heroism/focus-encounter
- Giant Falcon Mount (falcon wings, ram  head)

Symbol: Was sceptre
- Darkness/focus
- Storm/focus-encounter
- Disease/focus-rested
- Command Murder (Psycho Killer)/focus-rested
- Dismember/focus-rested
- Create Undead/focus-rested

Symbol: lioness, red linen
- Blood Rage/focus-encounter
- Ward Disease/focus
- Heal Battle Wounds/focus-encounter
- Flame Blaze/focus-rested
- Lion Head/focus-encounter
- Party Girl/continuous

Symbol: crocodile
- Sobeki Friend/continuous
- Crocodile Jaws/focus-encounter
- Summon Crocodile/focus-rested
- Command Crocodile/focus
- Scaly Hide/focus-encounter
- Battle Strength/focus-encounter

Symbol: papyrus scroll, ibis, baboon
- Know Language/focus-encounter
- Divine Science & Knowledge/focus-rested
- Glyph of Warding/focus-rested
- Glyph vs. Invisibility/focus-rested
- Glyph vs Illusions/focus-rested
- Moon Beam/focus-rested

Symbol: "sa" sign, hippopotamus
- Command Hippo/focus
- Summon Hippo/focus-rested
- Flood Surge/focus-rested
- Lovely Birth/focus-rested
- Hippo Size/focus-encounter
- Soul Cleanse/focus-rested

Symbol: scarab beetle, blue lotus
- Industrious (perform work at double speed)/focus-encounter
- Stench of Dung/encounter
- Summon Scarab Swarm/focus-encounter
- Chitin Armor/focus-encounter
- Early to Rise (gain 1 AP at dawn)/rested
- Summon Giant Scarab mount/focus-rested

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