Friday, August 8, 2014

#RPGaDay, Day 8: My Favorite Character

Well, there have been several good ones, but the one of which I have the fondest memories playing is Cressa, my monk of Tyche in the AD&D game my friend George ran for us in college.  I'd never played AD&D before (and only a couple sessions of OD&D) so this was something new.  And the rules I was running, Chivalry & Sorcery, were totally western medieval and so there weren't any oriental style monk/martial artists.  Also, most significantly, this was my first ever female character.  I can't remember now why I decided on female.  It probably just felt right for the character.  Nobody in the group had a problem with it and the game was hugely fun (thanks, George!).  I still remember our final big battle with the evil anti-paladin.  We were winning when suddenly he leaped onto his winged anti-paladin mount and took off over the castle walls.  Only Cressa had a ranged weapon to bring him down--but the javelin just missed and he escaped.  A fantastic cliff-hanger moment ending that episode.

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