Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Journal of Katherine, Entry 54

Day two of our sandy travel to the city. 

After I crawl into my blanket, I think of how all of these men have respected my privacy.  Much unlike most other men, Brute and Kull, especially, treat most women like their sisters, taking on a natural role of protector.  Brute already remarked about adopting Cass.  And make it clear to Ohm Uri, and Trevor too, that no one should harm Cass.  Cass is or now was the ruler's oracle, and she is staying with us at the mansion now.  I will tell that story later.  I fall asleep, gazing up at the stars. 

I wake to the sound of Brute's alarm of battle.  It is dark, very dark.  I jump to my feet, and focus the sorcery energy to shield me.  Within seconds, Trevor summons light to his lantern, revealing two giant beetles rushing the two of us.  The beetles are huge, about three feet wide.  I have never seen beetles this size before.  I pray for the Light to help.  A deafening sound hits the two giants and their armored shells crack and break, sending bug parts flying.  That is a close call.  Trevor moves the lamp around to reveal that the rest of the giant beetles were killed by Ohm Uri, Brute and Kull.  After my heart stops pounding fast, I crawl, a second time, into my blanket, to fall back to an eerie sleep.  What else is out there in the dark?

Before the sun rises, we pack and continue.  During our next break, I summon the water like before, only I notice under the water, the light concentrates in one area.  And this area gets hot.  Very hot, maybe, hot enough to burn. 

And today, Trevor does not seem to be effected by the heat, two days where he is fast and energetic.  The rest are sweating, and I am glistening.  It is very uncomfortable.  Brute confronts Trevor about having him use his spell on us to make us feel better, however, Trevor denies he did anything.  I suspect his connection to the mirror portal is somehow protecting him from the heat.

I omitted two earlier events and summarize them now:
Back at the house in Aden, the oracle, Cass, enters the house escorted by Brute and Kull.  She is dressed in Ohm Uri's clothes.  Brute has no end to the images of Ohm Uri walking through town dressed in some fashion of the oracle's attire.  I knew something happened!  Apparently, Ohm Uri had been foraging a feather bed for himself, and either picked the lock of her belt or paid a urchin to do it.  After the night, Cass, fearing for her life, takes Ohm Uri's clothes and gets far away from the ruler.  Then Brute and Kull find her.  Later, Ohm Uri, as guessed by Brute, enters the mansion wearing one of the dresses of Cass, including a veil.  I usually leave these types of stories out, but this time, someone must record this. 

For me, I try one more time with my temple.  I make true to my tithe vow and donate a handsome sum.  After a brief plea, they give me some divine scrolls.  I leave in favorable conditions, this time.

We camp for a second night, with the city of Andough much closer.  The sun sets behind us.  The rest of us are hot, exhausted, wet, dirty.  But not Trevor.  Its almost like he has an unearthly glow about him.  Gazing on his features, renews me of hope and strength.  Could this be the effect of the rune prayer I did before we left?  Could he really be a true believer in the Light?  It's times like this that are so precious.  If we make it back, we can remember ourselves here, and these thoughts.

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