Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Journal of Katherine, Entry 55

I am finally relieved of the anxiety I just witnessed.  I can record the events.  Let me start at the beginning of day three in the desert. 

We stop only briefly, for we enter the city before night.  The city seems buried in sand.  Only the tops of buildings show and some are damaged.  We see many animal tracks.  I imagine a pack of wolf-like monsters that would circle us and then wait for a chance and attack the weakest.  That would be Trevor and me.  Courage, we must not give in to fear.  Be strong, but be prudent, too. We notice a damaged dome, where animal tracks do not go.  We make our way there.  The dome seems like an ancient temple.  We find a way inside and down a hole.  Using rope, Brute lowers me and my light brightens this dark chamber.

We see many murals painted on the walls, depicting scenes from nature, implying this city was not always in the desert.  Also to support this, we see what appears as a map, and it definitely shows a river passing through the city.  One recurring image here is that of a spider.  I can guess that this temple was created to honor this spider.

We find a pair of metal doors in this room.  Brute pushes on the door, moving it slowly, causing sand and dust to stir.  We move into the corridor beyond.  It leads to a room with more murals and pillars and three doors, one straight, one to the right, and one to the left.  We open each door, ready for any ambush to charge out.  Behind each door is a room, but each room is different.

From the way we came, the middle door we choose first.  We see an unnatural darkness at the ceiling and grooves in the floor, and a door on the far side.  I pray to the Light, to see if this room has traps.  And there are.  But that does not help much, for we do not have a trapsmith to disarm the traps.

The next door we choose is to the left.  No ambush.  Here, there is a river, but not of water, instead of lava.  The river of lava enters from one side and exist along the other side.  And there are many life-like statues of people, made of stone, in various active poses.  Looking from my viewpoint, I get a strange feeling that these statues were not originally made of stone, but were once flesh and blood, then turned to stone.  There is a door on the far side, but there is no way to cross the lava.  The Light does not reveal any traps in this room.  So, before venturing into this room, we check the last, door, the one to our right.

The room beyond, has five stone statues of grotesque monsters.  And a door on the far wall, beyond.  Trevor and I wait at the entrance, as the others investigate.  Kull touches one of the statues, and it begins to move.  However, no others move.  This is good, for Brute and Kull work together to destroy this stone statue.  Then Ohm Uri joins the attack, by dropping from the ceiling, attacking from the back.  This makes an ordered attack turn into chaos, for another statue moves and attacks Ohm Uri.  Soon, the first statue crumbles to the ground.  But the disorderly movements by Ohm Uri, continually make other statues start moving and attacking.  Brute fails to dodge the claws a few times.  They also thrust with their horns on their heads.  These appear to leave deeper wounds, and Brute is injured many times.

Then the strangest thing happens.  Not sure if this new membership in the temple has altered his mind.  But Trevor rushes into the fight to help the fighters.  He should let the fighting be done by fighters.  This causes another statue to move and attack.  And it moves unchecked directly to Trevor.  He neither is fast nor as armored as the others.  Poor Trevor takes the hit on his back, and hit hard. 

I am distraught; I do not know what to do.  I just drop down on my knees to pray, to pray for help.  I see a bright flash through my closed eyelids.  I open my eyes and I see a heavenly angel.  He puts himself between Trevor and this monster. 

While the angel fights this statue, I move close, and I put my hands over the wound, but there is no blood from his flesh.  I ask the Light to bind his body.  The cut does close, but the wound is strange.  Brute, Kull, and Ohm Uri destroy the last monsters.  I find myself breathing hard and my heart racing.  I want to scold Trevor for his actions, as he could be injured more seriously.  But I am also in disbelief about Trevor.  He does not have blood like the rest of us.

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