Thursday, December 31, 2015

A look back at 2015

This year was pretty good, postings-wise. I did a lot of stuff for Old School Hack (and my twist on it called Neo School Hack), a goodly number of reviews for gaming products and movies, and a couple discussions on using technology at the table.  In the coming year I expect to be doing more of the same, generally speaking.

A new addition will be stuff for my "Cauldron Seven" campaign using Pathfinder and the Shackled City Adventure Path.  The original magazine articles and later hardcover book are packed with information but a lot is still left uncovered.  The forums on it at the Paizo website have a lot of additional content, alternatives, and links to blogs and campaign wikis with more.  I plan to fill in some gaps, starting with maps of key buildings in the city.  I will also be filling out my campaign wiki as a resource for others looking to run this adventure path.

Also, since I just got the fun board game Super Dungeon Explore I will be posting some thoughts on it, maybe some alternate rules, etc.  If I decide to paint the minis (which really cry out for a nice paint job) I'll post progress pics and thoughts.

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