Thursday, December 31, 2015

A real-life scenario for Fiasco?

Okay, so I've been intrigued by the game Fiasco because I loved the movie Fargo.  It's meant to model criminal capers involving too much ambition, not enough brain cells, and a dose of gonzo.  So I came across this news item alleging racketeering by Gaston Glock, head of Austrian weapons manufacturer Glock Ges.m.b.H.  The article started out as a mildly interesting business news item about corporate insider sleaze but then suddenly went all Fiasco:

"Glock’s former business associate, Charlie Ewert, was christened with “Panama” by the press for the international shell corporations he set up for Glock Inc. At some point, Glock became suspicious that Ewert may have been moving some of the company’s money to places and accounts to solely profit Ewert, and in 1999, the aging founder set off for Luxembourg to confront his partner. Rather than be found out, Ewert engaged the services of Jacques Pecheur, a former French Legionnaire who also wrestled professionally as “Sparta,” to have his employer killed.

Ewert drove Glock to a parking garage where Pecheur waited with a rubber tire hammer. As Pecheur attacked Glock, Ewert ran away, and somehow Glock survived seven blows to the head and sustained choking without any serious injuries. (Both assailant and victim were in their 70s.) Ewert was convicted on charges of attempted murder in a Luxembourg court in 2003 and sentenced to 20 years in prison."

So, you hire a guy in his 70's to carry out a contract hit on someone using a hammer?  O.M.G.

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