Saturday, December 26, 2015

Santa brought me...Super Dungeon Explore!

Okay, actually it was my very thoughtful wifey and daughter who went to the slightly scary game store and got me this fun game.

I've been looking at this game for a while now.  It looked fun but my gaming group is mostly into tabletop RPGs and computer gaming.  Board and card games usually only come out on the occasional "off night" when we don't have a quorum for one of our RPG campaigns.  Thus I have avoided buying board games in general, despite the fact that it was historical wargame board games that first took me from "playing with plastic soldiers" to games with actual rules and stuff.  But this Thanksgiving my family surprised me by suddenly being interested in playing a game.  So my wish list for Christmas this year was board games we could all play, including Super Dungeon Explore.  After excitedly unwrapping SDE and giving the rules a quick scan we ran a game and a half.  My quick scan of the rules just before and during play was kind of a fail so we actually missed out on a lot of the key rules but it was fun anyway.

As for the game itself, the first thing you'll notice is that the production values are very high.  The miniatures are excellent, there are plenty of dice for everyone, loads of marker counters, and all the dungeon boards are double sided.  You will definitely not be disappointed with any of the components.  The rules are not complex, but the rule book is not well organized and there is no index which leads to a lot of re-reading to find where that mention of topic X is hidden in the text.  Play is fast and fun.

So now I have to decide whether to take a plunge back into miniatures painting...I'd love to paint up the fun minis but my eyesight isn't really up to it anymore.

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  1. Ah, nice! My group has gone through a couple of SDE phases, including a recent revival due to the release of their second edition (with miniatures painting ongoing). Pretty interested to hear what conclusions you reach after some more play.