Monday, October 15, 2012

BESM, The Game With No Class

Okay, so I've probably let slip that I have a fondness for BESM 3rd Edition and, to a lesser extent. BESM d20.  It really is a nice rules-light system...well the rules of play are simple but the design work can be work.  But as I've mentioned before it needs campaign sourcebooks, bestiaries, detailed equipment lists, etc.  Now, when I started my last fantasy campaign using BESM 3rd I had just been playing Final Fantasy Tactics Advance on the Gameboy Advance (yes, it was that long ago) and I really liked the classes and races.  I'd never really been exposed to the Final Fantasy series, since I really don't play console video games (the controllers are too fiddly for me), so the content was quite fresh to me.

So, I decided to freshen up my fantasy game by combining my favorite D&D classes with some jobs taken from the Final Fantasy line.  In addition I added a couple of my own.  For each class (job) I made up a template of attributes.  I deliberately kept all class templates at a cost of 40 Character Points (CP) so that players would not be using cost a a factor in choosing a template.  I selected 40 CP because I planned to start characters with 180 to 190 CP.  Thus a PC with human average stats of 4 Body, 4 Mind, and 4 Soul plus a template would cost 160 CP, leaving 20 to 30 CP for buying skills, equipment, etc.  The final 18 classes were:
  • Archer/Musketeer [a ranged attack type fighter with bow, musket, or crossbow]
  • Black Mage [an elemental magic wizard, starting with meta/lightning, water/ice, and fire]
  • (Clockwork Knight)* [pilots a small mechanical "power suit"]
  • Dancer [a magical dancer, spy, thief, lover, and assassin]
  • (Dark Rose)* [gothic lolita badgirl with magic, daggers, a whip, bat wings, and dark attitude]
  • (Dragon Priest)* [follower of the divine dragon gods, their own race matters not]
  • Dragoon [an acrobatic lance fighter specializing in fighting dragons]
  • Kensai [a melee attack master]
  • (Ninja)* [a thief/assassin/spy with acrobatics and illusion magic]
  • Paladin
  • Red Mage [a light melee fighter with one school of elemental magic and a bit of holy healing]
  • (Shadow Knight)* [dark counterpart to the Paladin, the shadow of evil is strong with this one]
  • (Shadow Mage)* [dark counterpart to the White Mage; a wielder of unholy shadow magic]
  • Summoner [summons and commands creatures from other dimensions, or this one]
  • Thief
  • Valkyrie [the female-only counterpart to the paladin]
  • White Mage [a cleric of the Light, bringing the holy light to push back the shadow]
  • White Monk [martial arts meets the power of the Light; a monk-paladin]
    *NPC classes

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