Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My GM Merit Badges

Okay, so I came across the idea of GM Merit Badges over at the Strange Magic blog recently.  Elthos RPG put together a nice compilation of the badges with an interesting matrix. So, I thought I'd put up my badges; some of there here are my badges:

Story Aspect

My games will tell an interesting Story

My games focuses on Exploration & Mystery

My games are Gonzo and can include a lot of strangeness [in my Sci-Fi games]

My games are Safe and you don't need to worry about content or character death [character death could happen, but I'd rather provide a good dramatic experience than kill off a PC]

Mechanical Orientation

My game focuses on Player Skill rather than character abilities

I play By-The-Book and "rule-zero" is not being used to alter existing rules [well, mostly by-the-book]

Tactics are an important part of my games

Players in my game should be prepared to Run when the odds are against them

I will Mirror back player ideas I think are interesting in the game

My games use a pre-made Map and pre scripted content [sometimes]

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