Monday, October 1, 2012

Don't Throw Your Vote Away

Okay, so I recently read a great posting on the Age of Ravens blog by Lowell Francis about the new concepts he'd pitched to his players for their next campaign (  He has an earlier post with other campaign ideas he'd pitched.  In both cases he came up with a set of cool campaigns of various types which he would like to run and then let his players vote on them.  I rather liked that method.

     Right now I'm running Paizo's Shackled City adventure path, but with the Pathfinder rules rather than with the 3.x rules which it was written for (which isn't much of a change, really).  When it's done I'll have to come up with something else--and I am toying with some ideas.  In the meantime I've got my new Wednesday Warriors group to entertain, which games on a more flexible basis.  So, I thought that I'd emulate the esteemed Mr. Francis and throw out a listing of campaign pitches which I'd like to run and see what people would vote for.  Several of these are from my earlier posts, but some are new.

CthulhuTech (as military mecha OR zombie survival, OR "X-Files" mode) [CthulhuTech]

Mecha (RoboTech inspired) [BESM or d20 Modern/Future]

Salvage Hulk (my take on the Hulks & Horrors/Space Hulk games) [d20 Modern or BESM]

Righteous Cloud Temple (see blog post here) [Pathfinder]

Zodiac World (trouble-shooter furries on a near-future type Disney World planet going wrong fast)  [Albedo, or BESM]

Invincible Midnight (a fantasy Shadowfell/Plane of Shadows type setting) [Pathfinder or OSH]

Midgaard (a fantasy/alternate history world where Norse mythology meets steampunk Romanesque Atlanteans and now it's the Middle Ages) [Pathfinder]

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