Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A Momentary Lapse of Judgment...or "Why I Bought Castles & Crusades"

Okay, so I probably would not ordinarily have bought this game without some prompting.  Castles & Crusades (C&C) from Troll Lord Games is an old school renaissance (OSR) game which takes core elements of the early editions of Dungeons & Dragons and spruces them up.  As I have opined in earlier posts the OSR is not my favorite school of RPG design.  C&C is, however, a favorite of my good buddy Kaiser.  Our weeknight group recently finished up a three-session game of Hercules & Xena run by my good friend Bill and then had a great discussion about what to play for a long-term game.  The winner (so to speak) was Kaiser's offer of a C&C game.

Now, a couple of us already had C&C characters from a game which Kaiser started a while ago so we could try out the rules (and maybe even end up liking them).  But since we'll be adding new players we decided that everyone should start out with a new character.  That was fine with me because I was finding the barbarian class a bit boring (as expected).  And so off I went to the Paizo website and purchased the pdf of the Players Handbook for C&C.

After perusing the various classes I decided to play an illusionist.  The spells for illusionist in C&C are pretty decent and I figured that the character could also have a background as a street magician or carnival performer.  Because C&C does not have any skills or feats or talents as in later editions of D&D and other games that background will have to remain merely fluff. 

Trevor was until recently gainfully employed displaying his skills as a "magician" at a traveling carnival of reasonable repute.  About a week ago, however, Trevor found himself involved in a awkward incident which resulted in him abruptly taking up the lifestyle of a "gentleman of the road".  As his dwindling funds will soon become an embarrassment, he seeks a lucrative activity suitable for one of his station.

So, here is my starting first level illusionist:

The Amazing Trevor, Prestidigitationist Extraordinaire!

Male human
Chaotic Neutral
HP: 4
BtH: +0

STR      13 (+1)
DEX     15 (+1)        primary
CON    13 (+1)
INT      15 (+1)        primary
WIS     14 (+1)
CHA    14 (+1)        primary

0th    4/day
DRAGON MARK        Creates dragon sounds on other side of door.
GHOST SOUND           Figment sounds.
LIGHT                            Object shines like a torch.
PRESTIDIGITATION    Performs minor tricks.

1st    3/day
COLOR SPRAY                      Knocks unconscious, blinds, or stuns 1d4+1/level worth of creatures.
DRAGON IMAGE                 1d6 damage
ILLUSIONARY HOUNDS    Two hounds distract opponents

Illusionist Abilities:
  • Sharp Senses: An illusionist’s innate ability to distinguish the real from the unreal imparts a bonus to all illusion saving throws. The bonus increases with higher levels.
  • Disguise: Using magic and props, the illusionist can disguise himself and impersonate others.
GP: 17
dagger (1d4)
staff (1d6)
10 darts (1d3)
candles (5)       
donkey ("Morris")
saddle blanket
belt pouch, component
belt pouch, large
belt pouch, small
oil, flask
marbles (25)
mirror, small steel
rope, silk (50')


  1. I've had a lot of fun running and playing C&C over the years! Hope your game goes well.

  2. Thanks! Actually, I'm thinking of keeping a campaign journal and posting write-ups.

  3. I bought C&C when it was first released. I thought it perfectly emulated the play of 1E D&D. After reading it I promptly sold it and put the money towards some 3E material. I realized there was a reason I no longer played 1E.