Sunday, July 7, 2013

A New Campaign...

Okay, so last night we restarted what we've been calling "Steve's game" or "The Grey Wolves" game, which is a 3rd edition D&D campaign.  Well, actually it was not a restart but rather more of  reboot.  That campaign had struggled on for a very long time through constant scheduling difficulties which meant that we only played two to four times a year at best.  Nevertheless our characters were all about 19th or 20th level and had finally boldly entered the city of Allaciza, groaning under the heel of the allied baddies.  We defeated a lich with the help of a dragon and were preparing for the final showdown with a werewolf who was probably a lot more than he seemed.  We had even started tossing around ideas about what to play next.  But as people's lives and schedules changed it just seemed impossible to get together for that final session.  Over a year went by.

Then I tossed out the idea that maybe we could just jump to the new campaign, with Steve making his planned move to the Pathfinder rules, where the details of outcome of the final battle are left shrouded in myth and legend.  Even though our old party was apparently victorious in the end, a hideous tide of undead were unleashed on the main continent.  Only a few other details as to the fate of the Grey Wolves were released, but I'm hoping that they will emerge as the campaign progresses.

  Our new characters started on a large island off the coast of the main continent.  And the party has a very interesting set of characters:
- a "wise woman" healer (a healing-oriented Witch; female half-elf)
- a clever young halfling lass (rogue)
- a master of the staff adept in weirding ways (magus; male human)
- a ranger of the woods (male half-orc)
- an aristocratic young elf with mystic knowledge (oracle; male elf)
- an intense young woman strong in divine faith (inquisitor; female half-elf)
- a roguish sailor-swordsman (swashbuckling fighter; male human)

So no actual clerics, no typical arcane magic-users, and no typical "tank".  And even the magus was a "guest appearance" who may or may not be present as the story moves onward.  I'm playing the witch and will do a post on that once I get the Hero Labs version done.  I found that the witch class in Pathfinder is very complicated with many, many options to consider.  I'm slightly unsure whether a healing-oriented witch can really function as well as a cleric in that role, particularly since Pathfinder clerics have the "channel" area healing ability, but we'll see.

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