Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Red Dragonkin

Okay, so here is the second of five posts on the five types of dragonkin which I outlined in a previous post.  The first post sketched out the black (water) dragonkin.  Each write-up will include a couple small additions to the original basic dragonkin race build and then some cultural-political notes.

Red Dragonkin (Fire)
Typical Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Energy Resistance 5 (fire)

Their world is a fiery as their breath.  The red-scaled dragonkin of the fire element live in the far southern regions of the world.  Like their cousins in the north, the black dragonkin, they are spirited and unpredictable.  The lands of the south are dominted by the heat of the elemental pole of fire.  The air is hot, the ground is hot, and so is the lava which so often flows from below.  The fire dragonkin thrive in such conditions, as do the Anvilglow dvarr (dwarf) clans, firenewts, flame elementals, fire giants, and other fierce peoples of the south.  The red dragonkin live mostly in converted dormant volcanoes or rebuilt tangles of ancient lava tubes underground.

Fire dragonkin politics are as lively and dynamic as a bursting volcano.  Alliances of barons led by individual red dragons battle and maneuver constantly, both on the fields of war and in secret parleys.  The reds revel in battle and are generally contemptuous of non-dragon races unless their opponents can earn respect through victory.

The dvarr, however, are treated as the mortal enemies of the red dragonkin.  The burning south is the homeland of the fire dragonkin alone, in the same manner as the black water dragonkin of the north.  The dvarr early on penetrated deep into the south in search of unique metals, gems, and minerals--and found them in abundance.  In addition they discovered the secrets of lava-forging techniques which can impart qualities impossible to achieve elsewhere.  The dvarr are determined to keep the riches which are the source of their wealth and power and the dragonkin equally determined to drive the thieving invaders back whence they came.

On the more temperate north coast of their lands they engage in more even-handed commerce with humans and others who live in enclaves on the edge of the sea.  The region of jungles and palm groves lining the sandy shores are not to the liking of the children of the flame and so they do not begrudge the outsiders their toeholds there.  The cities are a great place to trade with the rest of the world, enjoy exotic entertainments, and duel with a mix of outsiders.  The cities are also potential allies in the constant swirl of changing alliances between the barons and their dragon lords.

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