Tuesday, November 19, 2013

My Advanced Class Guide Mashups for Pathfinder

Okay, so to follow up on my earlier review (pre-review?) of Paizo Publishing's upcoming Advanced Class Guide I thought I'd throw together a list of ten hybrid/mashup classes I'd like to see:

Avenger (ninja + paladin)
- a sort of paladin commando or holy ninja; first you sneak up on them invisible, then Backstab with Smite Evil; maybe looking like Storm Shadow from G.I. Joe.?

Hexguard (paladin + witch or paladin + oracle)
- obviously not suitable for all deities, but a nice alternative to plain-vanilla paladins; could also be a specialized type within certain paladin orders, like each company of paladins has one

White Monk (monk + paladin)
- yup, swiped the idea from Final Fantasy Tactics Advance; how about Stunning Fist with Smite Evil cast on it?  White Monks use only hand/fist weapons like claw gauntlets, spiked gauntlets, cestus, etc.

Valkyrie (paladin + sorcerer/celestial bloodline)
- female-only angel-paladins; however, you move the Wings of Heaven bloodline power down to 5th level to replace the paladin's mount

Grenadier (alchemist + gunslinger)
- the new heavy assault version of the gunslinger

Hexblade (witch + magus)
- first you curse them, then you bring on the flaming sword

Hexbolt (witch + gunslinger)
- hexes, curses...and a bullet to the face

Arcane Brother/Arcane Sister (monk + sorcerer)
- this is from my earlier idea for an all martial arts gestalt campaign; check out some possible sorcerer combos at Righteous Cloud Temple.

Gun-Fu Master (gunslinger + ninja)
- Yup, just like in those Hong Kong action films; just swap out the shuriken for a pair of quad-barreled wheellock pistols and you're good to go.

Pokemaster (summoner + alchemist)
 - in this mashup the alchemist's mutagen type abilities only work on her eidolon

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