Saturday, November 30, 2013

New: Tug's Letters Home

I'm currently playing in two games and running a third.  One of the games I'm playing in is my friend Kaiser's Castles & Crusades game, write-ups of which appear here in the Chronicles of the Amazing Trevor and the Journal of Katherine.  The other game is my friend Steve's Pathfinder-based game.  I haven't been writing that one up, mostly because there are so few sessions per year.  However, my friend Kirk (who is also in both of the aforementioned campaigns, the C&C one as Katherine) has begun write-ups of Steve's game done as letters home by his character Tug, the oracle.

Dear Papa,
I traveled to this large city, called Tower Rock.  When I arrived, everyone was talking about the "giant slayers".  I found an inn, a reputable inn called The Leaping Shark, where I will stay while I inquire at the temples here.  I could only afford a meager bed in the common room.  Betsy, my riding horse, is fine in the stables.  I'll put away my writing instruments and go down stairs to the eating room and see if I can find any information about the giant slayers.

Dear Papa,
I must add to the note before I send it, I met the giant slayers!!  They are an interesting lot.  They all seem to be older than me.  Let me describe them:
An outspoken man, Pierce, has suggested that I spar with him, since after we met, that I told them of how you taught me to use the sword and shield.  He also invited me to join in with them on the next outing.  That will be fun.  However I also mentioned of the healing I performed.  And that of my injury to my leg.  Tam'Rash has a breastplate and a great axe.  He is half man and half orc.  Laura is an elf, about the same size as me.  She works in this inn.  Elarsil is a tall elf with dark brown hair and has leather armor and carries a long bow.  Bren Hightower is very tall, and he carries a long sword.  Karista is a halfling with very red hair.  Joe, is similar to me, as he is average, but doesn't walk with a limp.  And Luriana, a young half sea-elf, carrying a crossbow, mace, and many herbs.
Then, at one point the mayor of the town comes into the inn and starts talking with the giant slayers.  The next thing I know, he is giving coins to them for their work.  And then offers a job for them to map a city tower.  Since I already had parchment and ink and pen, I offered my services to make a map.  Can you believe it?  These slayers have connections, to be able to talk with a mayor of this city! 
I will sleep tonight knowing that the next days will be awe filled.

Dear Papa,
In anticipation of the afternoon sparing, I wanted to relax, and so, I search for the hospital and watch the healers work.  What they do there is not what I would do for injured.  This work is day after day caring for the sick and dying.  I could do nothing but watch and learn of the healers.
Then my first and only sparring with Pierce, who really put my fighting skills to a test.  This slayer was very hard to hit, for all my best efforts, I was not able to hit him.  Before I knew, I was on the ground, rolling and dodging the next blow.  I took a sharp blow, and I knew I was not going to last long.  I dodged a little more and then conceeded.  I have fought my last battle with men.  I knew you would be upset but ever since my injury, I cannot fight.  I am much more suited to heal.  That is what I did next.  After the matches, I healed the injured so they could fight in the next sparring.  It came naturally to me, only this time, I didn't try to control it, it just came natual.  Amazingly, the injured were healed very well.
Then there was a custom, called: "Blessing of the Harbor".  Strange customs they have here. 

Dear Papa
We completed the tower mapping.  Placing the parchment on my shield, I was able to draw the tower map.  Light was not an issue, as one of the group, made light from their herbs - this is a most strange crowd.  Many traps existed, but since we had the keys, one was to disarm the traps, and the other was to open the doors, we simply used the keys and walked around.  A few times we forgot to disarm the traps, and some felt the shock.  I was also able to relieve their shock. 
In the cellar of the tower, there was a woman, called Bearnia, held captive by shark people and we rescued her, but we had to battle the shark people first.  We had the advantage, because we had time to plan an ambush, before they came back.  It took a while to come to an agreement with what we could do.  We set an ambush from equipment that we found at hand.  We located ourselves at one end of the corridor, in a position to rain arrows and crossbow bolts at the intruders.  It was bad for the shark people, for they were cut down fast.  It is easy to see how these giant slayers dispatched the giants so easily.  Last to be defeated was a large fellow, if one could call a half man- half shark a fellow, that seemed to be telling us something, but we could not understand.  Once we got to the woman, she said she knew of more places where shark people were hiding. 
In an upper part of the tower, we were attacked by blood sucking huge stirgens.  I got hit by one and do they hurt.  They stick on and suck blood, and their bodies swell, and eventually fall off and head back to where ever they came from.  Our party was close to being killed by these monsters, if not for a quick coordination between Laura and me.  Laura does the opposite of me, harming instead of healing.  I have my reservations about this, but when it is put to good use, it does have benefits.  This hurt the party, but also hurt the monster stirgens.  Then just as she did hers, I reach deep inside of myself and blasted the healing from me as best as I could, but only into our party, not the stirgens.
That was enough to awaken most of our party, but there were some that required special attention.  That was a close encounter with death for our group.
But not the last.  For we had very little time to regroup, when we saw shadows, spirits from another world.  Again, once more, I called upon the healing force and let it flow from me, healing us, and it seemed that this harmed these shadow spirits.  We banished them from this place, but they are not far.  We must revisit this with more powerful person than me or any one else in the slayers.
Anyway, I am so glad the slayers allowed me to come along on this excursion.  I feel I helped in the mapping and with healing, when the group was really in trouble.  I hope they will let me stay, as I may have found my place.  I am not the fighter or guard you wanted me to be, Papa, but I know deep inside, I'm a healer. 

Your son Tug.

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