Friday, November 1, 2013

The Journal of Katherine, Entry 41

The searching yet determined cleric turned sorceror Katherine shares her latest journal entry with us.  Her Trevor will soon tell his story as well.

I awake refreshed, once more, in this house of the son Broderick.  I am determined this will be the last night in this house.  I must also make peace with Trevor, and find out who is responsible for the woman's injuries.  After the loose ends are woven, we can go hunt goblins to the north, and rescue survivors. 

I knock on Trevor's door.  He answers, a bit tired.  In the first few moments, I immediately stumble my apology.  It was early, and I can only remember half of what I said, and Trevor, probably only heard half as much, and remembers even less.  But I must make amends.  He says it is not necessary.  But I know it is.  I continue, and state that I don't want to leave on bad terms.  I cannot go to the temple, and I have no coin for a tavern.  I go on to explain that the house is causing me to have feelings that are not natural, feelings for Trevor.  Wait.  I never said that last sentence, at least not that I know.  That was what I wanted to state.  I forgot.  I remember trying my head, thinking, there was something else.  Trevor says that it is time to end the stay at Broderick's, and he will suggest to the others to also leave.  He was in agreement with leaving the house.  It was like with the Priest, Lore, at the temple, we were in total agreement.  I also ask Trevor if he can help with my sorcery practice, for I feel the sorcery brewing and he agrees.

Trevor calls a meeting this time.  Brute is playing with his new bow.  He shows how he pulls the string back and an arrow appears.  Very neat.  I mean, not every day one sees a bow and how an arrow appears on it, and no one, other than Brute and I are interested in that.  Trevor explains that we should move out of the mansion.  To add to Trevor's statement, I explain again about my plans to leave.  Brute states that we can stay at a tavern, the party coin will pay.  Not my favorite choice, but it is better than in the streets.  So, we set our agenda for the day: Ohm Uri, Trevor, Boomtuck and Brute will go to the court to see about ownership papers, while Kull and I will take the woman to the temple, and then later will meet at the courts.  With a room at the tavern, we can stay longer to figure out who did this to the woman.

Kull and I take the woman to the Law Temple, while Trevor, Brute, Boomtuck and Uhm Uri go to the court to get the ownership papers transferred.   Kull's and my trip is without incident.  We did discover that the guards were placed there to stop looters.  I make a mental note that some one might be watching us.

Unknown to me at the time, the others, despite my urgency I expressed strongly to Brute, are delayed by the house business, yet again.  This time, in the cellar, Trevor is heart broken over a discovery of smashed wine bottles that the little gnome did.  If Broderick were to press charges on the gnome, we might be minus one.  And Ohm Uri wonders off to explore the family crypt.  Brute is like herding cats to a bathhouse.  Boomtuck states nothing of note, except five coffins and one is opened.  This could be bad.  How did this little detail not get passed on to me, sooner?  Someone is either robbing the graves, or the dead are moving...   This could be really bad.

When we meet I see both Brute and Ohm Uri bruised and Brute's weapon is bloodied.  They state it was a challenge, from a clan member that Ohm Uri knows, and the challenger retreated, after taking some wounds.  I notice blood also on Trevor's shoe, but he is not concerned.  Ohm Uri explains that he is protecting some scrolls that a rival clan wants.  A new interest is in Ohm Uri, a protector of knowledge.  I call that a librarian.

Soon, we see people, many people are talking about a fair or a carnival.  It was years since I went to one.  The smell of greasy fried food, sweats, trissle tops, smoked and roasted meats, cheeses all filled the air.  I am awe struck -  all of the tents, fire-spitters, sword-swallowers, jugglers of fire balls, or of swords, animal trainers, and all manner of performers, fortune tellers, and con-artists.  I can see why we never went when I was at the priory, I see many more entertainers than actual honest working folks.  I can lose myself there, but, I have so many responsibilities and I am swamp by them; I keep my wits.  Trevor and I wander around, enjoying the sites.  Then Trevor starts explaining to me about a rival of his and how he is here now.  And he wants to make right a wrong done to him, by this rival.  I agree to help, as I still felt so bad about what I said earlier.  Brute disappears and reappears, later, with news that he has a room for me in a tavern.  But Ohm Uri and Kull are elsewhere.

While Brute is away, Trevor explains:

The mocking performer, called Rovert, copies Trevor's act, and uses Trevor's name backwards.  Trevor plans to stop this, in Trevor's way.  Since I already agreed to help,  I suggest a few things, one to burn down the tent once everyone is out.  That I did to see if anyone was listening to me.  With the weird looks from the group, yes, they are listening.  I continue with more serious tones, "Trevor should talk to him, and ask him to stop."  Trevor jumps in and states, "What if he will not?"  "And if he refuses," I add, "then challenge him to a match."  The challenge was fresh in my mind, since Ohm Uri just had his challenge.  It was better than the normal tactics that Trevor would use, and since I am involved, it must be acceptable to me.  Trevor concludes his plan to just go straight for the challenge, in public.

While we wait for the "Greatest Show on Earth," Brute, Trevor and I find a reader of items, a lore master.  Brute shows him the bow and axe, and I show the mace.  The cost for two items is one gold coin, and Brute pays it.  The unnamed lore master weaves magic, and his eyes turn blue.  This one is not a charlatan.  He examines the axe, and states it is called the executioner.  Somehow, it seems that the lore master is identifying Brute, and not the blade.  Or I hope a Brute of the past.  The lore master adds that the axe will be doubly better against evil.  The bow he looks at next, and he says it will shoot arrows without putting shaft to string, just pull back and the arrow appears.  Other than that, it is normal, just normal?!  This is really nifty.  Its odd how some think this bow is just passive, or not great.  I think it is one of the coolest things I have ever seen.  But, I cannot use it.  The magic involved is powerful indeed.  It is one thing to make people believe in an illusion, for the mind is easy to play tricks.  Unless you have powerful magic, you can't get something from nothing.  This is what I see in sorcery, to create force, from nothing.  This bow does that, much like I use the sorcerers palm push, to create a force from nothing. 

The lore master is done.  I say, "You didn't look at my mace."  He wants another five silver coins to read it, and Brute pays again.  Again, the master loreman's eyes turn blue, as he starts the weaving.  As I watch this colleague in the arts, I see my reflection - aglow or bathed in bluish light.  The lore master's spell is close to my domain, so it is reasonable that its affects are similar.  He starts speaking: "The mace requires a good person to hold," and I affirm in answer.  He continues "...there is extra power against undead."  When we leave, I look for a sign to his tent, but see none.  That is strange, but strange too, that Trevor disappears after we leave the lore master's tent.

Trevor returns back in a little while and is set on exposing the imposter.  In the end, Trevor did ruin the show and thus Rovert's show, but Trevor's reputation also suffered.  What better way to end a copy cat, than to stop - the copy cat cannot copy anymore?  Although I am not sure if that is Trevor's wants.  I don't see much point in entertaining, for there are so many more important things to do, and it doesn't matter of Trevor's reputation since he is not performing.  I wanted to help a few times during the performance: I thought about standing up, and have the challenge progress by working the crowd, but Brute suggested no.  His eyes told me that Trevor got himself in this madness, let him work it out.  I see Brute enjoying the show, too.  I also see that woman from the tavern, Veronica, and it would be much harder to appear impartial, if she points me out.  I would just make it worse.  I could not use any sorcery in camouflage, as I am bound by my vows, to use it openly and honestly, and only for good.  The domain of the Light is not here.  I am helpless and can only watch. 

Trevor's magic is better I think, trying to be objective.  His hounds are more ferocious.  The others are poodles.  They do minor trade-offs of illusions.  Then Trevor sees an opening and he pulls the trump, he un-masks the fraud by revealing the true hair color, the dark hair color fades to red - truly impressive!  Rovert's real name escapes me now, but he is exposed.

The feud took its toll on the crowd, too, and they left upset with both Rovert and Trevor.  Then they exchanged words, and only time will tell if Rovert will stop.  Last of note is Veronica, after seeing Rovert leave, she tries to force, by way of a hand shackle, to lock her arm to Trevor's, to be with him - forever.  Forever - are her words.  I have never seen a woman act like this, totally strange and alien.  Most would be fleeing for their lives, at least the ones that father brought home on a number of times, after mama died.  And now I can act - Veronica steps into the domain of the Light when she imposes this force.  I open the shackle and put her free arm in the other cuff, with my now mastered songs of sorcery.  She does not even notice.  It is a gesture to Trevor that he is free from anyone or thing, and is almost lost in the chaos of the moment.

Finally with Veronica shouting, Trevor is emboldened, and states to Veronica that he "cares for another."  Most unexpected - or is it what I wanted?  I wait for Veronica to leave after she says another few words.  After I am sure they are gone, I start to ask “is this other: me?” but, that would set the answer.  Instead, I blurt out, "who is this other?"  I set him up.  I put him on the defensive.  Trevor replies some one else.  The same answer at the tavern a few days ago.  I think it is good.  Nothing's changed - business associates.  Did I want him to admit it was me?  It is easier if he doesn't care for me.  Or is it Trevor just not wanting to admit it?  I turn and walk away, but stop, so I can just hear if Brute talks.

He does.  I don't hear much, because of the carnival sounds, but do hear Brute saying something like, "Do you like her?  If so, tell her!"  This was bad.  What did I tell Brute?  We agreed that Trevor and I have nothing more - Trevor's and Brute's words: business associates.  How did this happen?  But this now makes matters worse.  Do I also care for him more than I want?  Maybe I only want it when I knew it is impossible.  I cannot let it happen. 

I see and hear noises and a ruckus outside of the tent.  Trevor and Brute come to me.  Trevor lends an arm for me to take, a kind gesture to sum up the evening.  I hold back.  Was it because I had to tell him more: that we may be under a spell?  I cannot allow this?  Or was it the ruckus of Kull outside, that made me say, "Not now.  I hope you have more up your sleeve, for things may get nasty."  Trevor gives me that wink of an eye, stating, "of course," confident he is a magic man. 

We all depart Rovert's tent and go outside and see Kull chasing Ohm Uri's rival clan members all over the place.  One jumps in a well, and another on Kull’s back.  Kull can certainly handle these guys without our help.  That was a welcome relief after Trevor's show. 

Then we drop back into the usual business, swapping the casual tones for more business talk, as we then travel to get the remaining newly acquired items identified.  The spear is of double distance, the Rapier is of the first circle of force, and will not break.

My thoughts move to the group.  Brute continues to be so kind to me and so is Kull.  Ohm Uri has revealed to us that he is protecting certain scrolls, and adheres to certain combat traditions, where he must duel by himself.  With Boomtuck, I have seen very little virtues in the gnome.  All of the others have qualities that make them nobler than the rest.  Now that I know Trevor is truthful with me, I must make sure no witchcraft is involved.  And maybe this caring for me will dissolve along with the witchcraft.  It will never work out - I am too busy with the sorcery and all of the other business.  I must tell him.

The lore master finishes with the short sword: it glows when near undead, a handy beacon.  The he tells this was from a cleric.  I knew some clerics that could sense the presence of undead when invoking the power of the Light.  This is definitely handy to have as it can save a spell.  I think of how I can relax in the tavern room tonight, with Trevor helping me with magic - no, he and I must keep a distance - but I will be away from the mansion. 

"And we should see if the sword glows in that mansion, in the cellar, in the crypt, where there are five coffins, and one of them is opened," says Boomtuck!

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