Sunday, November 17, 2013

Thor: The Dark World (review)

Okay, so I went to see Thor: The Dark World recently and it was epic.

Umm, okay maybe I should say more than that  =)

I'm not a comics ("graphic novel") fan.  I first started reading comics in the late 60's and most of them were pretty crappy.  The art itself was poor, there wasn't much of a story line in each short comic, and the production values were low.  They really couldn't compete with proper books with real artwork in them.  I was much happier reading a Conan novel or a Tintin book than anything from DC or Marvel.  The early Superman and Batman TV shows were really cheesy; well, the Batman show was supposed to be campy, but it was still cheesy.

But now motion picture special effects have finally reached the level where it is possible to make great supers films.  And Thor: The Dark World is a great supers film.  They had a lot of really big scenes which were epic but not over top in the way that so many films today are.  I was left slightly confused by the extra end scene after the credits (which were visually enjoyable in their own right) because I really had no idea who the "Collector" is.

Anyway, go see it.

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