Friday, January 31, 2014

A Bit More on Santicore (2013)

Okay, so I finished reading through volume 1 (yes, there are two more amazing volumes on the way).  There is a lot of cool, creative stuff in here.  Some of it is the sort of thing I'll read, enjoy, and let my brain digest for ideas.  Some of it I will rip out immediately and put to use.

In that latter category is "OSR Starting Jobs and Equipment" by Florian.  I was intrigued by this little Santicore present right away because it draws on the Traveler job career tables but turns them into OSR D&D.  I've always wanted to see a D&D/fantasy game done Traveler style so I was liking it right there.  Also, I like that you can use it to quickly build background for a PC or NPC with just a few quick rolls.  As I've mentioned before I want ways for my players to add fun and interesting background to their characters without having to write a novel.

In Traveler you get to roll for skills or possibly items gained each 4-year tour.  Here you get to roll on tables but there are more entries and most are some sort of item.  Most of the table entries are a colorful item, like "pet chicken" or "set of signal flags", but some are an extra bit of background, such as "favor of a dryad".  The table items are great and you could use them apart from the job tables as well.

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