Monday, January 27, 2014

Happy 40th, D&D!!

This weekend I finally got back to the blogosphere and was pleasantly surprised to find that the 40th anniversary of D&D was being celebrated by all and sundry.  (And I think you sundry people know exactly who you are.)  Then I found myself looking on with a sense of wry amusement.  As I've mentioned on previous occasions, when I first came across the original D&D I thought it an amateurish bit of rubbish.  It compared very poorly to the more professionally produced board wargames I was used to playing and "Gygax" was obviously not even a real name.  Luckily for me, a lot of other people liked the game anyway and so now we have this amazingly fun and creative hobby to enjoy.

I also find it interesting that this anniversary also coincides with launch of Next/5th Edition, and thus also the final death knell of 4th Edition.  I only got to play a couple short sessions of 4E and was intrigued by many of the design elements.  I was really hoping that for the follow-on edition they would "fix" 4E.  It's kind of a shame because it's looking like I'll never get a chance to really try it out.  Oh well.

Will I play Next/5E?  Well, I'll probably buy it because I like reading new games for ideas.  I'm also interested in seeing what the art in it will be like.  My group will probably play a game or two to try it out and who knows, we might really like it--even if the author isn't using a fake name.

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