Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Review: Empty Graves (Pathfinder adventure path)

Okay, so I just finished reading through the second book of the Mummy's Mask adventure path for Pathfinder.  As with the first book there is much ancient Egyptian type goodness contained within.  I'm still diggin' the vibe and enjoying the whole thing.

Empty Graves
The action is a mix of diplomacy, street fighting, saving the city, and several small dungeon-y bits.  Overall I liked it a lot (no spoilers).  However, this book really calls for the players to want to jump in and be heroes.  A more chaotic neutral bunch of adventurers might skip a lot of the non-dungeon action because they don't really care about the citizens of the city.  Also, it seems like the chance of street encounters is pretty low and so the characters might not actually run into a fair chunk of the monsters, etc.

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