Saturday, November 1, 2014

Finally bought the Pathfinder Chase Cards

Okay, so I recently happened into my FLGS, Games and Stuff, and purchased Ponyfinder (details in a future post) and Pathfinder Chase Cards 2, Hot Pursuit.  We've been using the Plot Twist cards in our games for a while, both decks, and we've enjoyed them more than I thought we would (to be honest).  Paizo has lots of other decks, but the only one which really interests me is their two Chase Cards decks.

I will admit to having avoided chase scenes (well, planned ones) in my games because they were tough for me to do well.  So when I saw that there was a deck of cards out to make it easier to run random chase scenes I was intrigued.  And so yesterday I finally jumped in and bought one.  They were out of the 1st deck, but the two are designed to be used independently so it really didn't matter.

The cards come divided into ones for dungeon, wilderness, and urban chases.  Each has a situation and two ways to get past it, usually with skill checks but also using saves and other mechanics.  It's quick and straightforward and I think these will be fun.  In play I will put the deck in the center of the table and let the players pull each situation from the deck themselves.  I like the idea that they get the fun of seeing what comes up next.

The only disappointing thing with the cards is that there aren't a lot of options offered on each card for resolution.  I generally set the creative content bar high for reviews of Paizo Pathfinder products because I know they are capable of really good stuff.  The Plot Twist cards each have about half a dozen ideas on each one so I know they can do better.

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