Saturday, November 22, 2014

The Journal of Katherine, Entry 57

I feel like my continued acceptance in this order is hinged on the recovery of the codex.  In my prayers to the Light, I knew then and I now know, I made the right choice.  I gaze at the coals of the fire, keeping the chill of the approaching winter air away, and ponder if my superiors will see my point of view?  I will explain that I could not destroy it.  Our city, all of our civilized world, and all that we hold close to our hearts would be worse if I did.  I convinced my friends to bury it, safe within its cell, made for it by an ancient spirit that we all saw.  Will the order accept this?  The fire spits a hiss, as if to answer, but I know I am right.

All too soon the Royal Kalef will know of our return.  He will want to hear our discoveries.  But he will be most troubled by the disappearance of his seer.  He may think a coincidence is unlikely and we must be cautious.

Let me summarize our return. 

We left the city of Antaw when a sand storm approaches.  We tether ourselves, for we can barely see an arm length in front.  Kull leads the way, Ohm Uri, then Trevor, me and lastly Brute.  How Kull manages to travel the correct way is still a mystery to me. 

We make camp with the sand still pelting us.  We use shields to help keep the tent standing.  All but me fall asleep quickly.  I stay awake, because sand went everywhere.  I can only think about how to be rid of sand.  Whichever way I roll, sand is there, to rub and chafe.  And it is in places men do not worry about.

A few more days of wandering, and we happen to discover a pyramid.  We investigate the inside to provide relief from the closeness of the tent.  Exploring to make sure it is a safe resting place,we find, besides the horde of skeletal constructs, a pool of water, and when we drink, makes us more bold and an appearance of being younger.

Also found in this pyramid is a cursed one.  We find it dressed in rotten clothes and hooded, chained to a wall and appears dead.  Ohm Uri pokes the corpse, and to our surprise it moans and moves, still alive after many years.  When we lower its hood to expose its face, Ohm Uri and I are taken aback by the creature's features.  Its eyes are cut out, leaving dark holes in a grotesque face.  It murmurs incoherent babble, suggesting its tongue also cut out.  I quickly back away and pray to the Light to reveal what is this creature.  I get a very strong dark essence, and if set free, will try to destroy us.  We leave it, chained to the wall with shackles forged from the fiery pits of the dark,  sealing it back in its tomb.

We return to the portal soon after the pyramid without anymore delay.  Cass, who was the oracle for the ruler, waits for us as we enter the main room.  Cass ran away from the "master" with Ohm Uri's help before we left.  Cass explains that she was enslaved by her master.  Brute eluded that since Cass was found wearing Ohm Uri's clothes, and Ohm Uri wearing Cass' clothes, that something "else" happened.  Upon questioning Cass and Ohm Uri, I did not get a decisive answer as to the extent of their encounter. 

The coals are dying out, and the chill is returning to my cell.  I'll conclude with a note on my friends.  My friends, yes, I can call them friends, even though I know they are not true believers.  Brute, Kull and Trevor will see me to treat their wounds.  Brute thought that his kind, half elf and half beast, would not be welcome to my temple.  I assured Brute, that he has earned my trust and is most welcome.  The same for Kull, too.  Poor Trevor suffered the worst.  Mysteriously, he was injured and he collapsed when we return through the portal.  Trevor held the key for us to go there, and for our quick return.  I wanted Trevor to be so much more; I expected too much of him.  Realizing he cannot be a brawny fighter like Ohm Uri, a magic spinner and one with honor and morals like Brute, has been difficult for me.  I must not be so naive.  As for Ohm Uri - I am not sure what he will do next.  Soon, they will be too busy to visit a small priestess.  I will miss them and the adventures we took.

Back to my temple for me.  I must pursue my priestly climb in the temple.  First task, find new members and what better place to search than inspiration point...

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