Saturday, November 22, 2014

Neo School Hack: Icons (13th Age style)

So I've read a bit about the game 13th Age by Pelgrane Press.  I'm not sure I'll buy it (never say never) but I do like the idea of "Icons" from the game.  As the SRD explains, icons are "Powerful factions that exert their will on the realm in some way or another."  Now, I've used factions in campaigns before.  They are great for providing the driving forces for the overarching plot lines.  They can be good, neutral, evil, chaotic, plaid, whatever.  The PCs may be working for or against multiple factions at any given time.  13th Age makes this explicit right up front with its Icons.  So I thought I'd experiment with a set of Icons for my "Anubia" setting for Neo School Hack.

The Sphinx
- The Sphinx sees all and knows all.  She is mistress of secrets and possessor of hidden things.

The Mummy King
- The mummified remains of a pharaoh so ancient that none but he remembers his name.  He does, however, remember lore from the very earliest age.  The Mummy King is lord of all mummies and commands a host of undead servants

The Pharaoh of the North

- The Pharaoh of the North is proclaimed true pharaoh of all Anubia.  Death to the false, so-called Pharaoh of the South.

The Pharaoh of the South
- The Pharaoh of the South is proclaimed true pharaoh of all Anubia.  Death to the false, so-called Pharaoh of the North.

The Archpriest of Set
- Set is a god from a place of power beyond Anubia and the Archpriest is his right hand on this earth.

Ali Baba, Prince of Thieves
- His title says it all, Prince of Thieves, for that is what he is.  Few know his real name but double cross him and you'll know all about his wrath.

The Nomad Lord
- The tribes who roam the desert bow to no man.  But this one is a natural leader and wise councilor.

The Reaver King
- They say the Sea Peoples who raid the coast of Anubia from the north and sometimes even dare defile the Holy River with their ships.  There is among the many fleets one strong enough to claim the title of king.

The Dwarf Matriarchs
- The women of the dwarvish clans are few in number but great in wisdom.  The council of nine matriarchs may lead rival clans but they know when to ally against outsiders.

The Tree of Life (Ent of Ages)
- Deep in a forest far to the south is the ancient living tree which is the oracle of the elvish peoples.  Its roots reach deep in time and wide in space yet still it walks.  No one knows how ancient it is.

The Mother of All Crocodiles
- The Holy River is deeper than you know and in those depths waits the Mother.  Some say she is the First Daughter of the god Sobek, others that she is his mother.  The river is her domain and all crocodiles are her children.

The Mistress of the Dance
- She goes where she will, dances to her spirit, and none can resist her.  The schools of houris and dervishes all listen for her whispered commands.

The Hyena Lord
- Deep in the desert he gathers the scattered bands of the hyena-born and bends them to his will.  They fear him and obey him--mostly when he leads them to war, massacre, and plunder.

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